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At Velour, we take pride in being more than just a digital growth agency. We’re your partners in unlocking both personal and professional growth, transforming aspirations into accomplishments for talents and clients alike.

Values that Lead Us



We’re eager to learn, share knowledge, and value friendly advice. Our results-driven team acts fast, doesn’t delay tasks, and avoids spending weeks in the discussion.


Follow the data

We choose to ground our lead generation strategies on research that is data-driven for precision and optimal results .


Partners, not clients

Building lasting partnerships, not just transactions, to fuel success. We stick to our goals despite challenges, fueled by passion and a “can-do” attitude.


Continuous Improvement

We strive for excellence, always. By setting SMART objectives, we ensure quality outcomes. We commit to going the extra mile, which fosters ongoing improvement.

Our Vision

To provide impactful growth solutions. 

This isn’t just a statement; it’s our commitment to making a real difference. We’re here to offer solutions that don’t just work, but truly propel our clients’ growth. Think of it as our promise to deliver strategies that have a lasting impact, helping businesses not just grow, but thrive.

Imagine a world where growing your business is as smooth as sailing on a calm sea. That’s the future we’re aspiring to create. We believe every business, big or small, should have the opportunity to grow without the usual roadblocks and headaches. We’re not just dreaming of this world; we’re actively working to make it a reality.

Eclectic. Dynamic. Customer-oriented.

To make sure that we deliver exactly what you expect, not what we want you to expect, your definition of success becomes the centerpiece of roadmaps and strategies we build. Whenever we onboard a new client, we focus on their industry specifics, their long-term objectives, and their business culture — and then we enrich it with the best sales practices, creativity, and experience of our SDRs, researchers, and AMs to build a predictable and stable sales channel.

Mike Stuart

Head of Sales

meet the team

Here’s the driving force behind all strategic decisions.

We are a globally remote team of lead generation specialists who are connected by cloud technology and a passion for rapid business growth. Leverage the expertise of our team with 15+ experience in the industries we target to reach the right audience and acquire qualified B2B leads.


Our team of Big Thinkers

Rudy Horne

Founder, Brand Strategist

Sabrina Philip

Creative Director


Web Designer

Cruz Lowry

Digital Marketing Manager

Powering Growth, One Lead at a Time

Industries we Proudly Serve

We have options for business of every size and budget

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Yes, we are a fully virtual team and work globally. No matter your country, as long as you can communicate in English, we can work with you. We have had clients ranging from the US, UK, throughout Europe, and China…and more. Our Lead Generation team services clients globally.
The time and effort it takes to research and generates qualified leads is extensive. To save time and energy in converting leads, outsource your lead generation to us. Our team of experts studies each client’s product specifics, marketing materials, and company to become the extension of their in-house team.
Choosing the best lead generation agency means diving deep into search engines and seeing what you can find. This means you must read through reviews and team credentials and aim to get proposals for what can be done based on your business needs. 

Book a free discovery call with one of our agents to discover what package suits you the best.  

Once our contracts are signed and the relevant content is handed over to the sales managers- we can have your campaigns go live within just 7 days!

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 Not sure if we’re the best choice to help you thrive?

 Leverage the expertise of our team with 15+ experience in the above industries. Book a call with our experts to find the best strategies to grow your business. 

Fitness Studios

Total Clients served: 34

Main Services Provided:

  • Targeted Advertising Campaigns
  • Lead Nurturing and CRM Integration

Yoga & Dance

Total Clients signed: 28

Main Services Provided:

  • Consultation on organic Lead generation and Strategy Development
  • Performance Analytics and Reporting

Beauty Clinics

Total Clients served: 34

Main Services Provided:

  •  Lead Generation
  • Social Media Management 
  • Performance Analytics 

PT & PR Marketing

Total Clients served: 18

  • Influencer/ Trainer Marketing
  • Lead Generation & Analytics

Apparel & Equipment

Total Clients served: 22

  • Lead Generation
  • Appointment Scheduling
  • SEO Optimization

Events & Retreats

Total Clients served: 50+

  • Lead Generation
  • Appointment Scheduling 


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